Goodbye Montreal – I love you

Strange to be saying goodbye to a city as if saying it to a lover – or at least a good friend. It’s clear that me and this city have developed a special bond. Yesterday was my last full day here and I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course I have been doing over the last five months. So I played some songs to my Happy Tree yoga family – here’s a video of one of them: it’s called “Deepbreathely”, based on garbled teaching cues that we let slip during our teaching practice, plus some liberal artistic licence. Enjoy.

….and I played my last open mic in front of an appreciative audience. Here is “Les Inspecteurs”: a song about Les Inspecteurs of the Montreal metro. They look like a SWAT team, act like a SWAT team, but really they just want to be loved. … and check that you have a valid ticket, of course.

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