Leave.EU must leave

Brexit is done and dusted. It’s all over. Even the shouting is dying down a bit. So I’m going to walk away from it and not look back – no more crying over spilt milk, no more worrying about whether cake can be had and eaten at the same time. I must leave Leave and Remain. And Leave must leave, too – that’s the story. Leave.EU was the name, and website, of the main group campaigning for the UK to leave the EU. But you can only have a website with a .eu suffix if your organisation is registered in the EU (logical enough). So Leave.EU has moved – to Ireland. But, according to the Guardian, “Sean Power, the Irish businessman whose name appears on Leave.EU’s domain registration, insists he has never heard of the company. ‘My lawyers are looking into this on my behalf presently and will be in touch as deemed necessary in due course,’ said Power, the chief executive of Business Services Group, a Waterford-based company. ‘I have nothing to do with Leave.EU and never heard of it before yesterday.’


One thought on “Leave.EU must leave

  1. Like this song and the ridiculousness of Leave.eu being forced to leave the UK. I wonder who the child voice represents?


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